The Sea

Admire the exotic and savage beauty of the Marine Reserve of the Gallinara Island National Park at sunset, drinking a fresh drink or a cool glass of Pigato wine ( king of our local white wines, the fruity nectar of our inland territory) at the beach bar, the closer to the island front. Or climb the nearby hills around the ancient “ Colombera House”, old residence of the Marquis of Vemtimiglia, pronephew of the Black Corsair, a legendary pirat of the area. From there you can contemplate the light and sound natural show at sunset, once the sun rise down from the hills, shining the island turtle shaped vestiges. Old stronghold of the Benedictian monks that during the X th century were administrating the ligurian coast, the Island still preserve traces of her prestigious history nonetheless some rare plants existing only in few remote areas of the Mediterranean.
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