Camping Delfino offers two toilet blocks in order to benefit of the comfort from every pitch of the camping and both have just been renovated with elegance and practicality. Camping Delfino, as green area, places great attention to the environment and one of the blocks has been renovated with solar panels that feed the six-operated hot showers with cards or 0.50 cent coins. Giving great attention to water consumption, all are equipped with showers reducing flow to always have the hot shower at constant temperature while preserving the environment.

The 12 toilets are of various types, from classical to Turkish cups with showers for personal hygiene reviews and visitors thereafter. For the ladies there is also a bathroom home style, very spacious and equipped with toilet, sink and bidet. Dual exhaust for Chemical toilet. The main base block consists instead of 24 types of toilets also varies, 12 cold showers and other ten hot showers always at 0.50 cent. One block has a washing machine, washing, washing external and internal, washes feet and freezer in order to freeze the elements.

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  • Via Aurelia 23 - 17031 Albenga (SV)
  • +39.0182.51998 - 0182.591066
  • +39.327.8613201
  • CITR: 009002-CAM-003


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