The animation is present in the months of Middle and High season,
in July and August. Awakening muscle for the ladies on the seashore, mini-club for children both in the morning and the afternoon with games and dances. Then games aperitif, water gym and group dances with professional teachers and at the end of the day, three times a week, from 21.00 hours until 24.00, the Great Show, a night at the Camping to relax and havesome fun-
It opens with the baby dance where the kids can have fun with the summer dances and in classic entertainment, and children with their parents in group dances. Then games, comedy, music and shows, elections miss Camping and theme nights to have fun together with ease and professionalism. During the season then, surprise shows with clowns and acrobats, jugglers and puppets professionals from around the world, with great attention to the entertainment of children.

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